Faux finishing, decorative painting, gilding, in Northern Virginia.  What does it all mean?

It is the creation of a customized, unique paint finish.  It utilizes hand-crafted techniques in order to provide the look of a variety of surfaces, such as suede, leather, marble or woodgraining. It is an excellent alternative to wallpaper,  without the disadvantages, such as peeling, seam lines, tearing and removal.

My finishes are created with water-based products and are washable with soap and water.  A customized finish can be created to match fabric, tile, carpet or favorite colors.

I provide creative, reliable, and timely service with professionalism and care.  I am insured and licensed in the state of Virginia and work throughout the metropolitan D.C. area.  Please take a look around to see examples of distinctive style.

Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!