I believe in collaborating with my clients to create a decorative paint finish that is warm and unique to their home and personality.

Quotes cannot be made over the phone as every project is priced individually. However, my faux finishes are comperable in price to professionally hung wallpaper. Price is based upon such factors as : square footage, wall/surface type and preparation required, obstacles (windows, doors, cabinetry, etc.) height of the wall, ceiling work, cost of supplies, detail of work, difficulty of finish(es), and time in which we estimate the project to be completed, to name a few.

A good rule of thumb is that faux/decorative painting of a room will cost 3-6 times more than painting a room a solid color.  Typical prices range from $4.00 (for a simple one-color on another color finish) - $9.00 (for a trowelled on LusterStone, Venetian plaster or Versiplast finish) a square foot.  Many finishes are layered, requiring several passes around the room depending on the complexity of the finish.

Stenciling projects are priced per linear foot taking into consideration the stencil technique (paint only, raised plaster, embedded), the number of layers and the height of the project.

Ceilings and floors are more costly due to the difficulty of reaching.
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